Corporate IT

Stability and Efficiency
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The company that can offer you not just IT services, but also Internet of Things (IoT), Voice, Remote Access and much more. Imagine a company that can train your staff to protect their data as part of the package … or imagine a company that can give their own app to monitor your security or even reduce your electric bill. Etheria, unlike any other IT company, does not just do small to medium sized businesses but multinational companies, so when you take us on we are equipped for almost any event.


IT as a Service (ITaaS)

Your own professional and experienced IT department at a fraction of the cost.

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Remote access Services

Remote access services

Stable and secure remote access from your home, hotel or anywhere.

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The secure Internet of Things (IoT) solution for your business.

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Protect your company against ransomware
Ransomware is a blackmail method on the internet. One of your computers becomes a 'hostage' to hackers. Files are encrypted so that you no longer have access. The encryption can spread across to servers and other computers on the network. To get rid of it, criminals ask you to pay 'ransom'.

The biggest problem with ransomware is that in most cases the company is virtually down without access to the file systems. New orders could possibly no longer be made, helping existing customers is almost impossible, finance and administration could no longer be accessible.

With ITaaS from Etheria you are assured of protection against ransomware and viruses. Should something go wrong, we are ready to help you immediately to limit the necessary damage and to ensure that you are fully operational as quickly as possible, without additional costs.

We are constantly evaluating new and existing solutions to keep your business ahead of the competition. A lot of the existing IT solutions and protocols we developed and implemented ourselves, so you can be assured you will get the best possible advice and support from our engineers and architects.