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Creation of Revenue and Success

Etheria is made up of the architects and engineers that used to run the architectural departments and technical deliveries for the biggest ISPs and banks around the world. The technical staff, the ones that design our solutions, know the environment you live in. We were there once. We know the vendors are always trying to trick revenue from the customer. We are here to change that. We have a lot of products that benefit the customer in many ways. BareMetal designs for secure networks that do not require millions of euros in licensing for MPLS or MP BGP. A malleable design that allows you as a customer to build what you need without the bulk and without the added unnecessary weight.

Etheria Group provides the following services and products to mostly billion dollar companies delivering professional services to software solution based on carrier rate requirements. To name a few;

  • Smart Solutions including Green Cities - SmartSphere

  • Energy Management Software - Optimise your energy cosumption

  • Engineers and Architects for the Large Enterprise Model - Learn about our Professional Services

  • SDN Solutions that Scale - For example SDS Light

  • Enhance NFV allowing for DC Management - More info

  • Common Infrastructure - Our eNFV solution explains how

  • Software House Outsourcing - Software Development

  • Smart Green Cities

    Come innovate with us the new areas of technology to help the population enhance its capabilities. Areas like Green Intelligent Cities helping with city planning like the subjects below

  • City route planning & congestion control

  • Cycle pathing

  • Vertical forests & farming

  • Environmental monitoring like radon, drainage, water, etc …

  • Creation of biological ecosystems

  • Smart city wide management

  • Pedestrian rivers

  • Art and aesthetic enhancements

  • SDN & SD WAN Solutions

    Our SDN solutions cross over into SD WAN solutions as well with the backing of eNFV as the baseline platform for their common infrastructure. Centralised management and control of all devices and services within a single domain that allows layers 1-7 visibility and a reactive and singular management.

  • Automation enhances the customers ability to manage processes and on-boarding of customers into a simplified environment saving a fortune on manual configuration and removing the losses in engineering failures

  • Complete PnP solutions for the customer allowing no deployment costs or complexities with E2E configurations

  • API buses allowing integration at all level even into legacy OSS but especially PoM and BSS system to allow ease of ordering

  • Instant service deployment into the SDN domains with easy and simple domain integration

  • Standardisations allowing for stability and functional fixed configuration preventing certification failing and network complexities

  • Ubiquitous network and DC visibility changing the way we can monitor network and function

  • Expression layers, phone applications and portals, to develop customer visibility into the new service and add up-selling into the market

  • Cloud Solutions

    Cloud services are increasing rapidly and are taking up over 60% of Amazon’s revenue so they are expanding at an irregular rate. B2B cloud supportive products are also a cause of concern for many companies as more and more intrinsically privacy violating laws are being passed. The EU is actually going in a very positive forward motion with concepts like GDPR which enhances users, surprisingly, privacy quite dramatically. There is hope. But in the new software driven B2B enterprise world it is now necessary to provide both in border private clouds to companies as well as the third party solutions owned by foreign companies.

    Regardless of the source Etheria has many potential solution for both public and private clouds allowing our customers not just this choice but also the choice of a hybrid integrated solutions where backup and syncing is local but where other services can be placed in the third party external cloud.

    Public Cloud Connectivity

    Public Clouds are available within our solutions, such as AWS, allowing you to VPN in from your business network, or even through business anywhere, giving superior integration and security. Also redundant and cost effective the public cloud offers security even if sometimes a lack of privacy.

    Etheria Private Cloud

    Private clouds are built exclusively for a single enterprise. They aim to address concerns on data security and offer greater control, which is typically lacking in a public cloud. There are two variations to a private cloud:

    Etheria On-premise private clouds, also known as internal clouds are hosted within one‟s own data center. This model provides a more standardized process and protection, but is limited in aspects of size and scalability. IT departments would also need to incur the capital and operational costs for the physical resources. This is best suited for applications which require complete control and configurability of the infrastructure and security.

    In-country External Private Cloud: This type of private cloud is hosted externally within your country of domicile as a business and sits with one of our local third parties. We can even provide off site cloud back up as a solution.

    Contact us to see how we can accelerate your business and products to the next level and get your competitive edge.