IT as a Service

Complete IT Department At Your Service

Full IT Experience Without The Hassle.

Why pay more for your IT services with an inferior delivery. We take all the responsibility for your IT systems, operations, installs and bring decades of experience with us.

We provide up to 52 services within the portfolio and can give you a complete IT department for the price of a single individual.


Remote Monitoring

Windows Management


Hosted Telephony

Secure VPNs

Energy Management

Internet Services

Inventory Management

Mobile Services

Powerline Connections

And Much More

Smart Office

Smart Office

Bring your business into the future with true IoT, with our SmartPod technology giving integrated Smart Functions to small and medium sized businesses.

Create an ecosystem across your domains with Smart locks, cameras, Apps, Smart Secure WiFi and full windows security including removing telemetry forwarding of your data to Microsoft.

Complete Security

Complete Security

Ransomware and virus are becoming an increasing problem and without the correct security expertise you can be next. This is a real threat now to small to medium sized businesses.

Put yourself into a mode of protection of your business, finance and data, allow us, with our proprietary techniques to enhance your security properly and close off the holes normal IT companies leave open.

This is a base service in the Etheria delivery. So security is not a pay and play model.

Real Specialists

Real Specialists

Etheria have specialist in every area and if they are not available due to a particular busy time we have approved third parties to help to keep within our SLAs.

Etheria is built only of Architects and Engineers with a history of working mainly in the multi- national arena and can give you an experience never before felt within your IT systems.

Services that actually work and systems that stay up and peace of mind that you can just keep running your business without worrying.

IT infrastructure is the backbone of service delivery

Running business software on physical servers directly is not cost effective and not easy to manage. Simplify and optimise your IT infrastructure by leveraging our years of experience in server and software virtualisation.

On-Premise (Private) Cloud

Are you worried about privacy and data protection, then choose for our on-premise cloud infrastructure, with data on-premise and disaster recovery protection.

Public Cloud - AWS, Azure, etc.

If you're looking for less of an instant investment and pay as you grow model, then plublic cloud is the right fit.

Standard Server Management

Prefer to keep your current servers running as is and well managed and maintained. No problem, we don't discriminate.

Networking and Connectivity

Managed network provides your office network with professional support and rollout services. No more problems connecting to WiFi or slow speeds in connecting. We have extensive knowledge in network design which takes the most of your network and lets you focus on what matters, a smooth running business.

Network Management

Network optimised for video conference and chats or networks optimised for VoIP calling or a mix and best fit approach. We make sure your network runs smooth without delays.

Managed WiFi

Getting WiFi covered in all areas in the office or outside the office. Seamless switching between different WiFi access points.

Managed Powerline

Remove most of the cables by introducing powerline connections in the office. Powerline currently supports speeds of up to 1Gbps.

IT Support Services

A new kind of IT Support.
24/7 support for your business if you need it, transport tracking on GPS, security monitoring of both your systems and your business physical address.

OnSite Support

Monthly Maintenance

Network Management & Monitoring

Disaster Recovery Plan

IT Support
Contact us to see how we can help with your IT challenges.