Remote Services

The New Way to Remote Access

Stable and secure remote access

We offer a service broken into four areas which is called Remote Services.

Remote Services allow for multiple areas of control and visibility for ourselves and our clients in a mobile or external to office form. Allowing for customers to monitor things like IoT SmartPod alerts remotely, like fire or gas alerts, or even security package alerts! The customer knows who is in the office at all times, what is happening there, is the office secure and even the ability to manage sections and items inside while remotely from another country. Our proprietary and specialised remote access VPNs, not to be confused with our VPN office to office product, allows any owner and employee, dependent on requirement, to accesstheir office remotely for a fraction of the cost normally asked for.

Home working environments

Business Anywhere is a specific Etheria product that allows your employees to access into any given office at any given time from home or any country. Giving full remote access control and access to their applications and data from anywhere! Very few companies can provide this, provide this at cost, and actually virtually none can provide this as a stable service.

4G Backup Services

Etheria Remote Services gives the ability for any of our clients to have a 4G backup on their internet with very little extra cost. With the services black box we can give your internet traffic the ability to redirect if the internet goes down, keeping you up, stably and completely independent of your ISP! Remote backup gives you piece of mind that your service will never go down and that revenue will never be lost due to a bad ISP.

Remote management and monitoring

Etheria offers all of our ITaaS clients remote access, monitoring and management for our NoC. We give a special black box on site for our clients that allow for remote management into the LAN protecting and giving instant relief on failures. What this embanks is the customer can now monitor his whole technical and administrative environment, including IoT, remotely and even react remotely. It also adds instant operational visibility for our technical teams to fix anything quickly and efficiently if so required.

Remote Mobile Apps

For some of our customers we can offer iOS and Android apps for alerting and managing your whole office, or multiple office environments with just a tap on your phone or tablet. New services implemented will be visible instantly on the devices with apps.

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