Take Your Company In The Future

SmartPod is a revolutionary IoT smart service software for small businesses.

For a fraction of the cost of any high end system SmartPod gives you more functionality, without the pain, completely Plug and Play, and within your own premises, so no cloud for companies to spy on your data and no external insecure access.

SmartPod has numerous capabilities, too many to mention on a web page, but here are a few of the great applications our customers can use SmartPod for. And note SmartPod is only available for Etheria customers, no one else has this capability. We wrote our own software and have deployed within multi-national companies.


With Etheria's SmartPod you can remotely manage your fleet that is on the road, how fuel efficient they are and when it's time to service any truck or van. Schedule and update routes and choose to most cost efficient routes based on analytical data.


fully managed smart security solution informing you if your windows are open, doors are unlocked and even if someone is moving around inside your office with auto sensor cameras allowing for exceptional remote control, so you can see everything inside the office.

Monitor GPS

SmartPod gives you the ability to control who can access what rooms, when your employees enter the building in the morning and even with only their mobile phone as a trigger mechanism. SmartPod gives you full control over campuses, parcs or just a small office in the same way giving complete control to the employer.

Ask us for the possibilities for your business.