SDS Light

Software Defined Services Light
The complete orchestration solution
SDS light is a revolution for the industry, embedded inside our eNFV product, NasTech, SDS light allows for all the functionality of SDN and the most important parts of SD WAN, in an OpenSource platform, with a little integration. 80-20 rule on OpenSource software, giving the customer 80% of the code they can change.

SDS Light brings the service layer as an OTT service orchestration with all the pieces you need such as middleware and API management, and simple VPNs for your customer with outgoing QoS. Why spend millions when we can deliver a solution for less with more.

SDS Light brings in a suite of features you thought were not possible in a single solution with both legacy and BareMetal devices at the edge. A completely malleable orchestration solution with must tenant capability in a box ready to go. Implementations for a customer usually take up to 6 months only!! Dependent on requirements

  • eNFV brings redundancy and VM capability to SDS light DCs with no need to worry about infra management as it is all built in
    • Any edge

    • Full security borders

    • User management for operations

    • Underlay visibility

    • Complete configuration control

  • VIM allows control of COREs, underlays, CEN, etc … giving service relative virtual infrastructure management to all customer networks

  • Security at the edge, DC border, DMZ, and within service domains to an extremely high standard

  • Management capabilities and ubiquitous monitoring of any system, service or device through Tor, NCY or CLI. Can manage legacy equipment easily
    • Software management

    • Satellite systems available such as portals, big data, analytics, etc

    • Comes with eNFV as a package

    • Scales to ISP standards on B2B and residential

  • A truly malleable orchestrated edge with vFirewalls, ACLs, WiFi, VPNs, managed LANs, etc… And all PnP no engines needed at the edge

  • Infra management on a per customer need giving legacy configuration control, DHCP and DNS management both for the infra and customer service
  • Market Differentiators
    What makes us different? Why Etheria’s solution.

    • Scales in broker to 120k per sec

    • Scales to many millions of customs due to eNFV enhancement of service stacking

    • Allows for service in domain scaling for customers

    • Scale and resource monitoring built in

    • Any given cloud service

    • Any given edge service

    • Legacy and new protocol ready

    • Common service layers for multi-tenant and multi-customer

    • Service in service

    • Any edge any device

    • Uncommon platform symbiosis

    • Ubiquitous monitoring at the edge

    • 4g backup

    • Local to central distribution

    • Fully managed LAN and WiFi

    • Fully locally redundant

    • Fully geo-redundant

    • Application redundancy

    • User snapshot redundancy

    • Big data redundancy

    • Data protection redundancy