From Smart Homes to Green Cities

Internet of Things at scale and flexible

SmartSphere brings you Internet of Things at scale with flexibility to extend, adjust and get moving quickly. Security is at the core of the architecture and taken into consideration for every component and/or function. Leveraging of years of experience in software developments and solution building SmartSphere is a true end-to-end platform with proven track record. Available to use for businesses or to sell to residential customers, modulairity and customisation allows the system for any solution needed. SmartSphere integrations are flexible and quick with our open APIs and middleware solution.

The Smart Platform can be used for multiple industries.  It is scaleable to relative brokers allowing for multiple controller layers to scale for edge relativity. Capable of translating multiple IOT protocols to other proctor, with LoRa and NB IoT function, so long range capabilities.  Can be used for multiple vertical industries such as hospitals, universities, MDUs, and franchised multinational deliveries.  

SmartSphere has the capability to add routine into any given automated response and reactivity matrix.  This allows for integrated automated function so the ability to order more blood for hospital blood banks or inventory visibility on transport.  This includes GPs tracking and roaming capabilities allowing for business remote visibility.  Functional base with amazing bespoke capabilities.

SmartSphere highlights

  • Secure

  • Cost effective

  • Multiple Integration possibilities based on Open Standards

  • E2E customer solution

  • Stand alone or integrated

  • Malleable anything added for anyone

  • Plug n Play

  • Prebuilt and user customizable device interaction routines

  • Automatic Device Discovery

  • Connectivity on any access

  • Integrated digital access

  • Geo-fencing and geo-tagging

  • Big Data and Analytics

  • Cross Platform Integration

Use SmartSphere to extend your business and revenue

Business Model Transformation

Penetrate market with newer business models such as "Solution as a Service", extend current products to beyond what is possible.

Technology Leadership and Innovation

Partner to transform and innovate next generation solutions with cloud analytics.

Digital Ecosystem Creation

Become a part of a digital ecosystem, enabling interoperability within smart home device ecosystem.

Enrich User Experience

Transform user experience from reactive to a proactive approach by managing and maintaining an overall solution.

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