Professional Services

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You are hiring responsibility and capability not a marketing slide.

Etheria Group provides the Technical experts, Software engineers and Data scientists, and more, if needed for the most demanding and complex engineering projects you may need. With over 4,000 engineers and coders available form Etheria and her partners available on-site and in-house available anywhere in the world.

It is our mission is to deliver professional services in the spirit of our company’s values: commitment, integrity, quality and guaranteed value. We follow a thorough recruitment process to ensure that only the best-qualified candidates are part of our team if we don’t already have them on the books. We have a fully dedicated recruitment team to change or improve present teams.

We also have a range of partners to provide us our customers professional and experienced staff instantaneously to our clients. These companies are long term partners and always have long term experience in their respective fields.

Etheria also provides the capability to manage your teams, recruit for you, and to develop product focus staffing with structural deliverables. This means you need a complete technical department to deliver software engineering then we will build the whole team, including support and management staff for you and hand it off and a product and valuable department, or even division, as a package.

Install, enchancement and management capabilities include;

  • Large Scale Network Design and Engineering
  • In Field Survey, Including Line of Sight
  • Engineer, Furnish and Install (EF&I)
  • Construction, Implementation and Project Management
  • Network Testing and Acceptance
  • Ongoing Network Monitoring and Maintenance
  • IP Networking – Including Server, Router, and Switch Configuration and Implementation
  • Wireless Networking – Including Microwave and Wi-Fi
  • Unified Communications – Including VoIP
  • Wide Area Network and Local Area Network Development
  • Network Operations Center (NOC) Management and Performance Improvement
  • Construction Management and Performance Improvement
  • General and Strategic Management

  • Professional Services To The Next Level and Beyond

    Once you go automated you never go back.

    Technical Service Areas

  • System Administrators: System administrators can install, maintain and repair systems from Linux to original Sunos deployments. And all have some knowledge of network and databases.
  • Technical or Business Analysts: Assess the performance of technology and diagnose technical or business issues as they arise. Business analysts focus on financial analysis and the product capability and viability of a company's technology and catalogue.
  • Technical Architect: Technical architects develop and deliver architectures for network, systems, software and security within any given field requirement.
  • Code Architects: These architects develop and plan designs and architectures around software development either based on OpenSource or internal developments within any given technology. We have partners and a solid base of code developers within Etheria.
  • Developers: Etheria has a number of different types of programmer that can create new software, or customise specific applications to fit our client’s needs.
  • Hardware Engineers: Based around designing and testing hardware prototypes Etheria can deliver designs and capabilities in hardware design for any area within data transfer or retention.
  • Managers: Our managers have specific capabilities in running teams of individuals and are trained and monitored to deliver a high level of managerial capability.
  • Support Staff: We have a large range of operational staff capabilities and we are very willing to supply any client with even a full SME operational model for a complete NoC taking the pain from creating these operations teams themselves.
  • Professional Services Portfolio

    Business, Strategic and Succession analysis is a large part of business allowing clients to request a business analysis of their present technical structure, revenue and products and cost effectively work on ways to enhance their technical deliveries or technical revenues
    We provide the following within this realm

  • Business and /or operation planning
  • Strategic analysis
  • Transformation and Transition planning
  • Budgets categorisation and return on spend
  • Competitive analysis
  • General or Specific Market analysis
  • Work force analysis
  • Service development and catalogue relativity to market

    • Technical services extend a little further with almost every support industry technology, including Oil and Gas.
  • Operational analysis
  • Technical training
  • Technical transformation implementation
  • Code evaluation
  • Architectural auditing
  • Source code analysis
  • Design flaw analysis
  • Technical writing
  • Operational procedures relative to technical deliveries
  • Technical integration
  • Technical resource evaluations
  • External Software House

    Hire us as a software house. Etheria has an agile software development ability allowing us to act like your internal software team building solutions as a professional service instead as a product. We support the departmental model allowing us to act like an internal department inside your company being able to be redirected and not be constrained by specific contract deliverables. The team is there to do and directed as needed instantly.

    Hire us as an integration team as a speciality integrating all of you data points and pivotal business applications allowing true automation across the horizontal system environment you are trying to manage. As experts in automation, SDN; eNFV, management planes & access integration layers like APIs or service points, Etheria can guarantee to automate your systems and management properly allowing you to drop your operational cost and you unfair reliance on technical expertise for operational fixes. Once you go automated you never go back.