Testing and Certification For True Validation

We, at Etheria, do all types of certification including external management of delivering certification. We aim to give value added product validation E2E allowing you confidence in your product. We apply ETSI, CSTE, CableLabs, and numerous other models and framework standards for testing, including SOX.

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act, something we can do E2E for a company, was initially inspired to help combat the increasing number of fraud cases in large public companies. SOX requires that big companies begin focusing on record-keeping and controlling the process of information storage. Etheria ensures that IT departments monitor and control all aspects of information storage and recall where needed. And we can even have your IT departments, processes and protocols are thoroughly renovated and make sure you are completely compliant and process that compliance for you without any the hassle internally.

Also, with GDPR, we now can do a complete privacy audit and validation of your departmental processes, applications & systems, from our European GDPR compliance package. This allows your company to truly know it is complaint and no mistakes, anywhere, are being made.

Node Simulation

We offer advanced network simulators including router/switch/terminal simulator. The simulators help in preparing for networking exams such as ccna™ or jncia™. It would also be very helpful for those who want to get started with configuring Cisco® or Juniper® routers in a simulated environment. Several new features have been added to the current version, including Frame Relay commands, ISDN, sub-interface, and Access list configuration commands.

Types of Certification

Etheria doesn’t really have a limitation on industry or type of testing, as our experience can carry us into any industry or area, and thus we can find a partner and help to deliver the E2E solution to our clients. This makes business sense for our clients as we can not just test their specific equipment, like for Oil and Gas, but also their management software, OSS, reporting, expression applications, etc.

  • Design and implementation functional testing

  • CPE and edge validation

  • Integration Certification

  • Operational verification on new products and hardware in the present environment

  • Test & Management Networks to allow constant validation out of band and to allow a testing plane within your orchestration or legacy environment

  • Present network and system analysis and certification

  • External network node testing especially for security

  • DMZ testing internal and access

  • API bridge and SBC functional and security validation

  • System integration testing and scripting and even control plane management to handle relative configurations

  • Troubleshoot management verification

  • Process and PoM testing and certification

  • Support for the E2E certification of your virtualised environments

Source Code Analysis

Etheria cannot only analysis your code but also test it from E2E to the integration requirements and even standards based validation at the actual code level. SCA is a hard delivery to contemplate but we work with our partners who have decades of experience in the area and help deliver including scanning the binary (also called "compiled" or "byte" code) instead of source code only, even down to the machine code where required. Fortran machine code for the mining industry as an example.

Our analysis technology enables enterprises to test software more effectively and comprehensively, providing greater security for the organisations and allowing you as a a company to move into automation easier and have more confidence in your products towards your customers or even internal deliveries.

Etheria has a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model combining with Test-as-a-Service model, enabling enterprises to get on-demand security, function & integration assessments allowing for upgrades and new platforms to fully integrate with constantly more efficiency and less risk.

In the past, application and network testing assessment software and solutions have been expensive to purchase, and it required constant upgrades to keep up with ever-evolving threats and changes, with Etheria you don’t need to buy anything and we do the heavy lifting for you constantly enhancing our software to meet our client needs. Why would you choose companies without experience in delivery? Etheria is a company that not just test software, but builds it, does SCAs on other people’s code, and has a constant history of constant delivery.


Testing Automation

Companies are manually repeating the same tests over and over again in their daily product delivery and software enhancement programs. This is incredibly cost inefficient and can cause mistakes to be made by the human operators. We have found installing automation into client environments makes certification standard, fixed and viable. Cost savings can be over and above 62% of present certification costs after the initial investment. Also some tests are extremely constant and your staff is actually a lot more useful than doing the repetitive testing that many end up doing. As an industry leader we can deliver an automation test environment for you in under 6 months. This includes full integration into systems like Cloudify to not only test but manage your software, NFV environment and general virtualisation.

Etheria, by provide your testing, certification, reporting programs analysis and then providing you with a full E2E 23 year automation plan and implementation capability we can running your company into the smart testing century with full visibility of your actual network in the test environment, but not only that, we can also give you ubiquitous visibility into your LIVE network and products to show the results of the certification and provide post mortem feedback into the certification processes. Our clients find this incredibly valuable.

Test Risk Management

Network equipment and component manufacturers know that network and LE operators will be using an ONT type application in your evaluation and qualification more than likely so we are prepared for such environments and can fully integrate. Therefore, utilising the same toolset for systems verification puts manufacturers and large enterprises one step ahead in certification and testing avoiding the risk of a product recall when problems are detected in the field with huge unexpected costs. Sophisticated test management allows us to risk matrix your product, software or even a variable service allowing us to report on your potential risk in any given area.

Flexible, configurable parameters in this service package lets you efficiently and cost-effectively manage testing across the complete system and scale to meet real-world scenarios. In addition our, and our partner tools, can be used for interoperability and transit-quality testing, correlating the user, service and control plane in real time.

Global and Remote Capability

The beauty of Etheria is that, with our partners, we are a global company, and we can offer not only local but remote management, certification and reporting function for your company anywhere in the world and with local knowledge of your standards and regulatory requirements.