Our Mandate Is To Prove Capability And Delivery First

Etheria Consulting is an independent global business advisory firm dedicated to helping organisations manage technical change, product risk, certification, financial, legal, operational enhancements, regulatory such as GDPR, revenue enchancement and OPEX efficiencies. Individually, each practice is a leader in its specific field, staffed with experts recognised for the depth of their knowledge and a track record of making an impact in the industry soon a constant basis. Our clients are usually surprised on the level of professionalism and logic that we apply to our consultancy services as they differ from the standard methods of other companies. Our mandate is to prove capability and delivery first not to create an environment for customer theft through necessity. Many companies make themselves indispensable for the wrong reasons yet at Etheria we are dedicated to making companies independent, creating automation, management through SDN and NFV and generally allowing them to come back to us because they want to not because they have to.

We are a small company with large partners but this gives us the ability to focus on thee customer not just the revenue gained. We are still able to care about the customer and not just consider them a number. And curiously we do not fail and have a reface list and history to prove it.

The services we provide are usually modular and exact. And you don’t just get a low level architect to save costs. Etheria can engage with some fo the highest level of consultants in the world. Many have come from billion dollar multinationals any have held the highest level job in the industry and beyond that in most cases our own CTO will audit the delivery to you as a customer. Our dedication to the product as a small company is hugely beneficial.

Security Design

Security being one of the most flawed and ignored concepts in most businesses Etheria provides the capability of seeing where the basic security enchainments can be done and improving your security drastically. We believe strongly in the concept of isolation and reactivity, you can never be completely secure but Etheria Security Consultancy Services allow for you to know when you are being attacked and how to mitigate at that time. Security can never be an absolute but you can react if you are watching correctly.

Network Analysis

We do in-depth network and DC analysis showing you the failings of paths, efficiencies, where the technology is incorrectly stacked and how you can simply. We find many vendors have sold solution to enhance their revenue instead of enhancing the design and efficiency of their customers which cause a lot of heart ache later for the customer. We all know this occurs. In Etheria we seek, as we don’t sell hardware, to actually balance the power in the customer favour and provide a real and tangible way to simply the network and connectivity. Today, while we have thousands of protocols stacked on top of one another, in most networks, and 40 year old BGP being pushed into DCs Etheria seeks to remove such complexity and actually make the business case with the same functionality.

Traffic Analysis

One item that is ignored most of the time is the traffic types and paths across the networks. Etheria have a range of tools and possibilities to enhance your network function and more importantly, your customers user experience, by analysing and even better, providing ubiquitous visibility, into your networks and their service paths. The reports tend to shock our customers on what is actually out there and what is being sued where. This can then be analysed and placed into a report showing how you can enhance your network and its management.

Technical Product Audit

We provide a product auditing service for our customers allowing them to see where the product is failings, how to enhance it, and how to improve the upset potential of what you are trying to provide. At times the customer has a great product but it is just implemented incorrectly and just needs a tweak here and there or and enhancement program to make it much more profitable.

Big Data Deployment

In a time where analytics and profiling is more common place, Etheria provides an anonymous Service Relative Big Data service, allowing for fun compliancy with items like GDPR, but also giving the company the opportunity to visualises its data points in a composite fashion. With not just performance but data redundancy and efficiency in built into the designs.

DR Deployment

Today with the weather changing, terror seemingly everywhere, and numerous other threats to company installations, including ransoms, and general security take downs, Etheria provides her customers with guaranteed DR deployments giving full locally integrated and geo-locational redundancy. With primary and high risk systems staying up constantly and energy management being a primary goal so as to the lower the cost for the customer.

Other Specific Consultancy Services

  • Operational Enhancements

  • Cloud Integration

  • Automation

  • Enhanced NFV Deployment

  • OSS Redesign

  • Portals and Expression Layers

  • DMZ Design

  • KPI and SLA Design

  • Redundancy and Resiliency Audit and Redesign

  • Technical Quality Control

  • Peering Design

  • DC Virtualisation

  • AWS and 3rd Party Integration

  • Application Management

  • User control processes

  • Smart Business Deployments

  • Technical TruckRoll Evaluation

  • Supply Chain Efficiency Analysis

  • Compliance Validation

  • Customer Service Enhancement

  • Partner Relationships

    World-wide consultancy is a large area to cover for a small company so Etheria has a new model for the industry. We cover the high end architecture whether that is in the area of SDN, OSS or coding a new Application for a customer, bringing forward the top end expertise in all areas and then partnering with an expert in the field to fill the ranks. This allows us to operate in over 200 countries worldwide and give out the opportunity to deliver for any client anywhere.