Source Code Analysis

Knowing The Code Being Produced For You

One of the most valuable services

One of the most valuable services Etheria produces is the Source Code Analysis for our customers. In a world that is moving more and more to software companies are finding that the code that is being produced for them is actually in question on quality, security and performance. Knowing the code being produced for you is of the highest quality and will functionally last for a decent amount of time and has it security considered and implemented well is a major concern for most, especially at the user application expression layers. With hacking becoming more and more pervasive and with companies not having the internal knowledge to view whether what companies are producing for them is not just compliant but also a useful product is of major concern.


Etheria can provide an SCA covering the below points and more

  • Security of the code

  • Integration capability

  • Integration viability in connections such as API and API bridging

  • Performance at all levels also relative to hardware

  • Access capabilities

  • Code types and functional representability within the product

  • Code layering architecture

  • E2E code design

  • End goal risk and evolution of the product

  • Code longevity

  • Management and operational considerations on the code

  • Privacy and regulatory compliance

  • Etheria can provide the E2E SCA and we bring in partners each and every time, like SIG, the software improvement group, to do part of the work so we always have an external vision on the code, and not just ours. We provide not just the proposal but an in-depth delivery plan for your company to see what we will test, how we will test, and how we will report on the functionality and capability of the code you are purchasing. We delve as deep as you can into the code looking at each line and evaluating its failures, problems and even future issues you could have. Our goal is not be critical of the company or the code but allow your code company ro partner to enhance what they have done to a point of acceptance for your company.

    Etheria can support, if needed, the below applications if the customer already has them on site and being used for internal static verification of code. We also have a range of our own software so that the client needs not buy and invest in high cost applications to test for single applications.

  • RIPS Technologies

  • PVS-Studio

  • Parasoft

  • Veracode

  • DeepScan

  • Many of these applications are built on the TaaS model and allow for industry evaluation and reporting from a particular point of view, such as VeraCode used for security testing at the code level.
    The source code analysers can also be automated for you. These source code automators can actually test your source code as it is written or run over night and a scheduled macro or cron and you can meet in the morning to se if the report is viable. This is especially valuable for security testing, perform monitoring and code non-functional static testing.

    Frameworks can also be analysed for rejective code allowing for visibility into the functional capability of any given software for the overlay code. This allows game providers and high level application designers to evaluate their code as they go for integration into the lower layer sand whether the code will be efficiently written and will be compliant with the lower framework. This is incredibly important for most businesses and is usually a decision taken without any analysis.

    There are many tools available to analyse source code, web applications, systems, and integration code, not forgetting system integration and a design aspect, so western your code and application will work within the present environment ยก, both at a functional level and a code level.

    However, a developer needs to be aware of common programming mistakes and how these flaws may compromise security, performance, function and interaction. One benefit of constant SCA is that your software teams start to get a feel for what is functional and how to write code in a more efficient and cost effective manner. This is not a service but a by product of the service we provide. And remember no tool is perfect it is the company that is evaluating the code itself that provides the value we are not yet at a place where we can replace humans completely in SCA.