Technical Business Analysis

Evaluate And Enhance Your Revenue Generating Products
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Technical Business Analysis is a particular service Etheria provides, which we think is unique in the industry, as it allows us to evaluate the revenue products of our customers and suggest enhancements. This is actually very revealing for the customers as it allows them to consider how to make more revenue through technical delivery, through better processes, through automation, and even allows them to enhance their product and services lists quickly and easily. Etheria can provide long, medium and short term plans for our customers in this area.
The service focuses a lot on strategic, operational, financial and capital needs of businesses and how they provide those to their customers. We address the full spectrum of CFS mobilisation, (customer facing services) in their financial and transactional challenges, and how the company delivers, operates and changes those particular services. Our success in this area depends upon achieving optimal results for our clients by providing them with a roadmap and operational implementation plan on how to improve revenue drastically, including market analysis of their competitors.


The concept is actually based on Fundamental Technical Synopsis and is the examination of the underlying forces and variables that affect the well being of the customer’s internal economy, industry competition and market trends. As with most types of analysis, the goal is to develop a forecast of future price movement, product list and thus create profit from it, whether a present product or a new one. At the customer level, this involves examination of revenue data, product management, business concepts and competition reactivity. At the competitive level, there might be an examination of supply and demand forces of the products, relative to partners and competitive results. But the goal is always to enhance the customer’s capability of revenue generation and cost efficiency and savings mostly in OPEX but also in CAPEX.