Outsourcing Is Functional With Our Model

In its simplest description, outsourcing is the contracting out of a business function to an external supplier, involving the transfer of the responsibility of people, processes, products and required assets, such as software frameworks or building materials, to deliver a specific function or product. This consulting model can be undertaken either on-shore or off-shore, and is there to relieve the stress on the company outsourcing the specific requirement.

Etheria outsource model is based on a departmental initiative where we take on the complete departmental function, a company within a company type of structure, which allows us to function independently from the normal internal politics of a company. Normally companies seek-out outsourcing because they cannot function internally or there isn’t an interest or capability to hold a function internally in the company itself.

We provide the, as above, the department model allowing the customer to request us to sit outside the main functions of the company and provide our own structure, so management, support, process, engineering, architecture and testing. So we become a complete department isolated for the politics and restraints of the customer. We also take complete responsibility for the delivery from the customer management.

Why outsourcing is functional with our model

Instant Skill Set

Etheria brings with it instant skill sets allowing for the customer not to waste a year on building groups and capabilities or at least provide a stop gap until they do.

Partner Program

With a few very large multinational partners we are able to utilise any size of group needed with contracts in place and almost instant response to the customer

Departmental Management

We provide our own management and act independently once the direction form the customer has been expressed with weekly reporting and internal controls, thus allowing the customer to have an instant internal software department

Speed of development

Etheria has development processes, code frameworks, software management, etc … all seem up and moving towards a common goal and thus can development without any start up time.


Outsourcing can provide the flexible you need for business not worrying about expansion or change as Etheria look after it for you.

Specialist skills

In specialist areas such as IT, attracting, developing and retaining skilled staff can be a real challenge: outsourced providers can often offer access to these scarce skills.

Political manoeuvring

Off-shoring can be a sensitive topic – outsourcing to us can then draw on its own near-shore and off-shore capability can be politically acceptable way of achieving the same end for your company allowing us to develop outside of normal restrictions or local employment laws when there is political issues or opening a new market.


At times out sourcing is your only option as software development may not be your primary experience technically and thus we can help cover you there.

Company in Company

The company in company model is actually very viable allowing for separation from the usual issues occurring in any given company preventing delivery. We provide the whole department including project managers, coordinators, administrators, engineers, developers, architects etc.

Ask us for a quote and let us take the pain away on any given software development you need.