Process Order Management

We Make Automated Process Management A Priority

Etheria also does a bespoke automated PoM solution. We believe aPoM, automated process order management, is one of the most important parts lacking in most technical aspect of delivery within a company. By automating your processes into standard methodologies in an application you fore your company into executive compliance and management can monitor each section of the devilry process. This can be done in many ways and in many aspects, but a good examples is for customer products being delivered, they are ordered, they have a life cycle, they have licences, software upgrades, certification, and a thousand other items to track to make sure your product is viable for your customer. Tracking these deliverables is what few automate and allow full reporting on tracking each step in time and function.

If we take another example like the changes in supply chain on order management in today’s environment for a transport company the problem becomes unmanageable. With 700 different trucks docking per day with 15000 customer packages to track a change one process can kill a company and force manual operation for many months. PoM allows the processes to change almost instantly and with little pain.

In Etheria’s order management the changes are dynamic, both service providers and supply chain organisations have to take necessary measures to address all potential impacts to their business, but not a huge risk when automated. With these developments we hope to empower customers to deliver and focus on delivery instead of the process itself, again, we take the pain away.


Seamless process with little intervention and the ability to resolve issues instantly for product payment and returns. Without an effective PoM the actual placement fo the order, where it sits, what has been done and not, is always under question. Have you violated contract? Are you outside KPI or SLA agreements? PoM extends your vision.

Enhance technology augmentation with middleware and expression layer and BSS engines to improve efficiency in the process and lesser manual interventions or get rid of them almost completely. Integration is always the greatest worry and how to make it functional within process for a customer delivery.

Ubiquitous Visibility

Visibility on all downstream and upstream activities and ability to track information on a real- time basis for each service or customer. If there is a network outage how do you change multiple customer billing or informational expression to this customers effected and not the ones not effected. You don't want your whole customer base to know there are issues.

Big Data Integration

The ability to integrate easily into profiling and analytics technology through process management. We all want more visibility into our customer, what makes them happy, how do we control millions of customers and see what they see? CEM, customer experience management is a very hard deliverable without PoM; especially non-automated PoM. With our solution you can integrate easily into a big data solution and make the customer profiling relative within that process.

Business Transformation

There always executive orders to transform your business and this puts all of your efforts at risk. Paying heavily for outside consultancy and corporate roadmaps fro structural changes. AS you move forward with PoM your company becomes less reliant on these changes. PoM allows you to reach into your systems and just change the process itself instantly with a configuration and impact design. Making you business agile once again regardless of the market changes or executive orders.

Data IQ

Data collation with the ability to predict customers demand and forecasting to plan and execute order management processes with shorter delivery times and even new product development. Now suddenly you can deliver into the domain, into your service domain, almost instantly without issues, as the process is standard and automated.


Personalisation through automation. By automating your process you allow your staff you actually care for your customers as they have the time to personalise the process and product distribution as necessary. They don't have to be tracking delivery constantly the application and integration does it for them.

3rd Party Inclusion

Last mile delivery and outsourcing of outbound logistics have paved way for partnerships. Organisations today are and a persistent need of niche technology partners and third-party players to ensure outstanding customer experiences.

aPoM Characteristics

  • Add third parties to your processes so you sell more

  • Single agent handling end-to-end activities for customer in a single process that is standardised

  • Add third parties to your processes so you sell more

  • Add third parties to your processes so you sell more

  • One-touch order processing

    Seamless order processing with a single touch from the customers. No intervention to process customer orders and technology to facilitate one-touch processes.

    The ability to capture customer data one time and leverage technology to data excellence. invest in technology, skilled resources to handle big data and maintain high data standards.

    Order fulfilment

    The new products to end customers have made delivery processes complex. Logistics companies have revived due to complex process and expectation from customers for quick turnaround times, and companies need to change to be able to handle it.

    Etheria’s PoM is a bespoke solution and takes 6-9 months to deliver into a customer, ask your account manager for more information.