Software Development

Make Us Your Own Software House

Bring your business into the software age

Etheria is very proud of its Software Development history and heritage having designed and delivered everything from proprietary IoT solutions in to the multinational market to concept to deploy SDN integrated with NFV solutions into ISPs. We deliver in multiple models, such as we build our own software, collaborate with partners or build specifically in need for our customers. As we also analyse software we are in a special position to evaluate and guarantee our own software deliveries to the customers in any form.

One of our investment models is CID; Collaborative Investment Development, which allows multiple companies to enhance or some together to build a specific piece of software for a specific requirement. An example would be Smart Business Solutions for Hospitals allowing for multiple hospitals to benefit with only one tenth of the cost. The business sent is undeniable and allows them to compete without spending millions where it is unnecessary.


Etheria seeks to enhance a company’s business model through software, what that means is owe wish to enhance a business by giving it the ability to use software properly, and to define and build software specifically for the needs of that customer. We also like starting with OpenSource as a model so the customer can, at cost, develop its own capabilities within a known forum.

We also enhance a business through using software to test, validate, integrate and manage. Product knowledge is gained through trial and error and experiments but businesses do not have such models. Etheria bring the a scientific mindset to the development of business strategy by using software.

We like to focus on

  • Of value to their customer to the company

  • Improvement over competitors

  • The replicative business model where operate and enhance in part of the process within the software itself
  • Our Technical Approach

    Our software assessment process Is focused on defining and clarifying the positive attributes of good software engineering practices form historical delivery and post mortem methods. Our software development premise stems from the quality of the process used to create it has a direct effect, in most cases, the coding team capabilities and experience in different forms of coding the team has, the ‘POD’ methodology allowing for specific teams to be responsible for specific regions of the code, the integration pod is a centrally positioned team, that software architecture Is a process that can be managed, measured, and progressively Improved through use of processes and software and the quality of a software process is affected by the technology used to support it in general terms.

    Normally in a customer environment we find ill-defined procedures, lack of control over the software development, the company or customer does not have a decimated software development teams in the area of the problem or development, and the customer organisation does not consistently apply software engineering management to the products development process.

    At Etheria our goal is to optimise your organisational dependencies that have not achieved a high degree of control over their processes, coding structure, engineering departmental structure, and they have no major focus on Improving and enhancing their development capabilities. We don’t just code we enhance the customer’s ability to support that code and enhance it themselves.